Training Courses and Training Providers

To assure secured state of knowledge of IntRSA certificated assessors, criteria for assessor training are defined. Criteria are specified both for the accreditation of training courses and the accreditation of training providers.

These criteria specify the requirements for training courses including the knowledge and skills to be covered during the course and the requirements for administrative procedures set up in the training provider organization.

An accredited course may be delivered by several accredited training providers if, for instance, a training provider has licensed an accredited training course.

There are three forms of accreditation:

  • Accreditation of training courses
  • Accreditation of training providers
  • Registration of affiliate training providers

Accreditation of Training Courses

The criteria for the accreditation of training courses define a number of requirements that include:

  • Course content
  • Course duration
  • Learning objectives
  • Delegate training materials
  • Training methods
  • Tutors
  • Examinations
  • Course location, language and facilities
  • Course publicity and advertising

All training courses have skills-based practical activities for a minimum of 55% of the course duration. All courses are of minimum 35 hours duration.

An assessor training syllabus is maintained external to the Scheme by the international community under the stwardship of The SPICE User Group.

Benefits for IntRSA accredited training courses

  • Training course material is checked by independent experts of IntRSA.
  • Courses can be explicitly advertised as IntRSA accredited
  • After successful accreditation you will receive an official certificate for the course

Accreditation of Training Providers

The criteria for the accreditation of training providers define a number of requirements that include:

  • Administrative procedures and records
  • Management review
  • Authorization of affiliates
  • Tutor selection, training and performance review
  • Issuance of training certificates

Benefits for IntRSA accredited training providers

  • Training courses may be offered without limitations
  • Courses can be explicitly advertised as IntRSA accredited to demonstrate level of quality.
  • Public training courses can be listed on IntRSA web site with date and venue and will be included in IntRSA marketing activities.

Registration of Affiliate

An affiliate to an accredited training provider may deliver an accredited course whether as licensee, franchise holder or subcontractor.The accredited training provider ensures that all requirements of the training provider are maintained


Fees are established for the accreditation of training courses, accreditation of training providers, registration of affiliate training providers, approval of examination papers and issuance of certificates of training. Please refer to the current fee schedule for the latest information.

Fees for training certificate are charged according to a country banding based on where a course is delivered.

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