The International Assessor Registration Scheme (the Scheme) has been developed, in response to requests from industry, for the purpose of certifying as competent, assessors trained and qualified in the principles and practices of assessing processes with the requirements ISO/IEC 15504.

Membership of the Scheme

The International Registration Scheme for Assessors has a membership that supports and helps develop the Scheme.


Governing Board

IntRSA is governed by a Governing Board. The Governing Board comprises of three permanent members plus elected nominated representatives from each membership category. The Governing Board is elected from the membership. The President of the Board is elected by the members of the Governing Board. The Governing Board has a number of Standing Comittes concerned with training, assessor certification, public relations and elections.


The criteria against which assessors are evaluated reflect the skills, knowledge and experience that are required to be demonstrated by an assessor during an assessment.

The Scheme is intended for:

  • Internal process assessors e.g. those who usually perform internal assessments usually for the purpose of internal process improvement
  • External process assessors e.g. consultants or those employed or working on behalf of purchasing organisations or third party certification bodies (registrars)
  • Process practitioners e.g. consultants, quality personnel, process improvement teams

Certification under the Scheme is available, without restriction, to all applicants who satisfy the certification requirements. Assessor certification is available in the following grades, depending on the individual assessment experience.

Provisional Assessor

This is the entry or training grade, for the assessor who has the appropriate personal attributes, academic, professional and technical competencies but lacks the required assessment experience.


This grade applies if the assessor meets minimum requirements for assessment experience. The assessor will be able to lead assessments either individually or as leader of an assessment team.

Principal Assessor

This grade applies to assessors that have extensive assessment experience and have lead assessments as leader of assessment teams comprising two or more persons. Principal assessors will normally be working as consultants, for or on behalf of procurement organisations or certification bodies (registrars).


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International Registration Scheme for Assessors