Board Organization

The International Regsitration Scheme for Assessors is governed according to the Scheme's Bye-Laws.

The Governing Board that comprises of three permanent members plus elected nominated representatives from each membership category. Each member of the Governing Board is a voting member.

The three permanent members comprise the Past President, the Director of Certification and a Director of SPICE User Group. The other members are elected from each of the following membership categories

  • Accredited Training Providers
  • Accredited Training Course Providers
  • Registered Assessors
  • Assessment/Certification Bodies
  • Regional Certification Bodies (IntRSA)
  • Country Groups
  • Standardisation Bodies
  • Standardisation Committees
  • Communities of Interest
  • User Groups
  • Sponsoring Organisations
  • Academic Bodies and Institutes
  • Government and Public Authorities
  • Industry

Annual elections take place for vacant positions on the Governing Board. Nominees are sought from the members or authorized representatives of each membership category to represent that membership category on the Governing Board. A member of the Governing Board may serve for a term of two years, after which he/she must resign. A member may be re-elected for subsequent terms.

The President of the Board is elected by the members of the Governing Board. The President is elected to a two year term of office, and may be elected for office for two further consecutive two year terms.

The Officers of the Board constitute the Executive Team and comprise:

  • The President
  • The Past President
  • The Director of Certification
  • A Director of The SPICE User Group

The Board shall has a number of standing committees:-

  • The Training standing committee is responsible for maintaining and proposing changes to the criteria for training course accreditation/approval, criteria for training organisation accreditation/approval and the examination process.
  • The Assessor Certification standing committee is responsible for maintaining and proposing changes to the criteria for the certification of assessors.
  • The Public Relations standing committee is responsible for the growth of public awareness and acceptance of the board-granted certifications.
  • The Elections standing committee is responsible for the management and administration of the election of representatives to the Governing Board and the management and election of the President of the Board from the Governing Board.

The following are members of the IntRSA Board Executive Team.

IntRSA Board Members

  • Mr Antonio Coletta, Italy
  • Mr Alec Dorling, UK
  • Mr Alan Bellinger, UK
  • Mr Terry Rout, Australia
  • Mr Robert Treffny, Germany
  • Prof Ho-Won Jung, Korea
  • Ms Beatrix Barafort, Luxembourg
  • Ms Marty Sanders, Ireland
  • Ms Josefina Alonso, Spain
  • Dr Fabrizio Fabbrini, Italy
  • Dr Clenio Figueiredo Salviano, Brazil
  • Ms Patricia Rodriguez Dapena, Spain
  • Ms Jorn Johansen, Denmark
  • Mr Srinivas Thummalapalli, India
  • Mr Tanin Uthayanaka, Thailand
  • Prof Kyung Whan Lee, Korea
  • Prof Roland Petrasch, Germany
  • Mr Han van Loon, Switzerland
  • Mr David Wiseman, Luxembourg
  • Mr Suresh A.U, India
  • Mr Wolfgang Wüst, Germany

List IntRSA Members

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